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How To Start Dabur Distributorship? Know Cost and Requirements!


India is a developing nation, and as on account of some other developing nation’s markets, the Indian market is and will keep witnessing an upsurge of clients, particularly in areas like – framework, vehicle, and FMCG.

FMCG or Fast-Moving Consumer Goods are products of our everyday requirements. These products are in frequent demand as they are required by the clients regularly.

The FMCG market of India is relied upon to develop at a CAGR of 14.9% to reach US $220 billion by 2025. The main reason for this fast development of the area is the increased income of rural India.

You must have used the products of Dabur, isn’t that so? Dabur is perhaps the most well-known brand in India for FMCG, and it is difficult to accept that somebody hasn’t heard or used its item.


Items  Dabur offers include soaps, shampoos, hair oil, toothpaste, honey, chyawanprash, odomos, glucose drinks, Gulab jal, etc.

Taking into account all these facts, we accept that you might want to be part of this brand too. You can accomplish this by taking a distributorship of Dabur.

What is Distributorship?

A distributor is an individual appointed by a company like Dabur to supply their items to shops. The main work of a distributor is to act as a middle man between shops and companies. For which they charge some commissions which will be their earnings.

1. Dabur distributorship cost and investment

Dabur distributorship cost starts from INR 2 Lakhs. The cost will continue increasing depending on the items you decide to take distributorship for.

Other than this, you would have to put resources into the place where you would keep and store these items as you would need to appropriate and convey these items to shops too. Following are few details of Dabur distributorship-

Dabur distributorship cost- starts from INR 2 lacs

Experience prerequisite- the person applying for distributorship must have experience in running a business

Dabur distributorship profit margin-

  • for packaging material=20%
  • for un-packaging material=25%

Area Requirement- it depends upon the products you take distributorship for.

If you still think that such a venture and cost is very expensive, you must know what makes Dabur special. Dabur has a diverse range of items, because of which it has a huge customer base.

2. Prerequisites

Dabur distributorships are generally given to those individuals who have some experience in the business field. If you are running a business in the present, then this could increase your chance to get Dabur distributorship

3. Profit

Dabur distributorship cost and benefit depend upon the shops which are under your distributorship. A merchant gets commission-based pay. The more shops you have under your distributorship, the more benefit you will earn.

4. Instructions to apply

  • You can apply for Dabur distributorship directly through their site.
  • Here, you will find an option for distributors.
  • Fill out the details in that form, like proprietorship, area of place, and so on
  • Select items you might want to apply for and fill out the experience and contact details as well.
  • After filling out the form, click on ‘Submit’. The company will contact you and will discuss further details.

5. Contact details:

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Email: [email protected]

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